TherHab Fitness Classes

Designed by Physical Therapist!

Aerobics, Strengthening, Balance and Flexibility

All you need to stay fit and well!

Multiple levels of classes to meet your needs!

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 Do You?

  • Feel like you are in pretty good shape?

  • Walk easily for a mile or more at a good pace?

  • Want a faster more challenging class?

  • Want to be pro-active to stay fit and healthy?

 Try Level Three

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Do You?


  • Walk comfortably at least 1/2 mile?

  • Prefer a class with moderate difficulty?

  • Enjoy shopping and working in the yard?

  • Easily get up from a chair?

  • Able to go up stairs easily without a rail?            

Try Level Two

Do You?

  • ​​Do you enjoy chair exercise?

  • Use armrests to get up from a chair?

  • Use the handrail for stairs?

  • Like a blend of seated and standing exercise?

Try Level One.