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Specialty Classes


This class contains a unique blend of  spinal stabilization exercises, Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening and yoga. Participants are able to strengthen their back, core and pelvic floor muscles in order to reduce back pain and improve balance and posture.  Overall able to move and feel better. 



Transition through functional poses, strengthening and stretching the postural muscles

Build confidence in strength, posture, ease of movement and balance. 

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Power, Flow, Chair


Challenge your strength, balance and flexibility.  This class combines physical therapy concepts and Tai Chi

Perfect total body workout at a comfortable pace.

Two Levels Available

Participants with arthritis learn how to safely exercise without exacerbating symptoms.

Motion is lotion!

This class targets all joints typically affected with arthritis by properly strengthening and stretching the muscles surrounding the joints. 

Non-surgical management of joint pain.