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TherHab Fitness at Home

Classes Designed and Led by Physical Therapists

Only $99per month, cancel any time

Begin with an Assessment

by our Physical Therapist 

Live Virtual Classes and Video Library

* Classes are NOT physical therapy treatment they are fitness classes designed to keep you FIT and STRONG, led by our Physical Therapy Staff

We Offer Two Programs of Classes

Participate at home with the

assistance of your caregiver.

Led by a Physical therapist,

Supervised by a caregiver at home.

Participate in our Wide Variety of challenging classes! 

Aerobics, Strengthening, Balance  Core, Yoga, TaiChi and more.

Why TherHab Fitness?

Physical therapy concepts and principles combined with music for

an effective, safe and fun workout!

Lots of Variety!

We offer a wide range of classes at different levels with lots of variety! 

Aerobics, Tai Chi, Yoga, Core Training, Functional Strengthening, Balance Training, 

Interval Training, Arthritis management, back pain management and much more.

Multiple levels of difficulty!

Medical Expertise 

Specializing in fitness for older adults 


Arthritis Foundation Exercise Series

Check out our exercise videos in this exercise series made in a

 partnership with the Arthritis Foundation

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